Recent Submissions

  • Bilateral leukocoria in infant with afibrinogenemia 

    Demir, M. Necati; Acar, Mehmet Akif; Aral, Yusuf Ziya; Ünlü, Nurten (Dove Medical Press, 2008-06)
    Purpose: To report a bilateral leukocoria case in a patient suffering from afibrinogenemia. Methods: An observational case where congenital afibrinogenemia was presented with bilateral retinal and vitreous hemorrhages ...
  • Primary and secondary implantation of scleral-fixated posterior chamber intraocular lenses in adult patients 

    Yalnız-Akkaya, Züleyha; Burcu, Ayşe; Üney, Güner Özkan; Abay, Iskan; Ekşioğlu, Ümit; Acar, Mehmet Akif; Örnek, Firdevs (Medknow Publications and Media, 2014-01)
    PURPOSE: The purpose of this study is to evaluate and to compare the results of primary and secondary scleral-fixated posterior chamber intraocular lens (PCIOL) implantations in adult patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A ...